Get Your Home Warm-Weather Ready With This One Home Upgrade

There’s no better feeling than upgrading your home as a renovation can instantly make you feel better if you’re not loving where you’re currently staying, and it can also be the perfect alternative to moving if you’re looking for more space. With the English weather finally starting to get a bit warmer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can upgrade your home, especially to get it ready for the summer. 

What is the perfect summer upgrade?

You may have heard about upgrading your windows and doors for summer, but have you ever thought about getting a conservatory installed onto your home? Conservatories are perfect for a summer upgrade, and come in a variety of styles that will be sure to match your home’s aesthetic.

Just some of these styles include: Lean-to conservatories, Victorian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories and Gable-end conservatories.

What are the benefits of a conservatory?

Natural Light

Conservatories let in an incredible amount of light into your home, heating it whilst doing so. This means you’re reducing the cost of your energy bills due to not putting the heating on as much, as well as not having to switch on the lights until much later on. Another benefit to this is that you’re creating a more environmentally friendly home as you’re not using as much electricity in day to day life.

Good environment for plants

If you’re a plant lover then this might also be the perfect upgrade for your home. Plants absolutely love natural light and warmth, and will thrive in an environment like this. So whether you’re wanting a jungle in your home or just a couple of lemon trees, this will be the best install to achieve those green-thumbed dreams.

Increased Space

Lacking space is a common issue many of us face, but a conservatory install could fix those problems. This versatile space can be used for an array of things, from a new home office to that yoga studio you’ve always dreamed of, there’s nothing you can’t do with this great space.

Increased value

The final positive of a conservatory upgrade is the way that it increases the value of your property. All of these amazing features means that conservatories are in high demand, and this is shown by properties with conservatories increasing in value by 7% on average.

So if you’re not happy with your current home or you’re just looking for a change, a conservatory could be a perfect option. Although they are the perfect summer upgrade, conservatories are great all year round, helping to heat your home even in the winter. Ready to feel the benefits of this warm-weather upgrade? Contact us for your free conservatory quote today!