5 tips for decorating with houseplants

If you love the idea of adding some greenery to your home but don’t know where to start, then this blog post is for you. We’ve rounded up five tips for decorating with houseplants, so that you can bring the outside in and enjoy all the benefits that plants have to offer. Keep reading to learn more about adding plants into your home decor.

Choose the right size 

Plants come in a huge variety of sizes, and you want to make sure you’re utilising your space by choosing the right one. If you have a large corner you’re looking to fill then a big potted plant will probably fit nicely, however if you’re only looking for plants for your shelves, then smaller options like cacti are the best way to go. 

Consider your pets

Sadly not all plants are pet friendly, and can actually be poisonous for some animals. Make sure when you’re purchasing your plants that you always read whether or not they’re pet friendly, even if a pet is something you’re only considering for the future. Another thing to think about is if your pets are able to reach your plants, even if there isn’t any danger of them being harmed, you don’t want to wake up to soil all over your carpet. Consider getting plants that are higher up or in a heavy pot if you have pets.

Only get what you can care for

Contrary to popular belief, plants can be quite hard to care for and take a lot of time to get right. Nothing looks worse than dead plants, so you want to make sure you’re purchasing ones that are easy to look after if you haven’t had much experience with plant care before. This also links with getting plants that fit in with your environment. If you have an extremely shaded home, you want to ensure the plants you’re purchasing will thrive in that environment. 

Think about colour

Although plants are usually green, this isn’t the only option you can choose. There are many plants out there that boast a variety of colours, and these are great to utilise if you want to add more colour into your home in a natural and non-permanent way. A great example of this is adding spring colours through a purple lily plant, or a hint of orange with a Calathea. 

Create a focal point

Some people love having plants spread everywhere, but a focal point of different sized plants will make your room look more full and improve your home’s decor. Try matching the colours of the pots with complimentary colours and watch your home’s interior design be taken to the next level. 

Adding plants to your home is a great way to add some life and colour, as well as to improve the air quality. Follow these five tips for decorating with plants and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful and healthy houseplant collection in no time, that also looks great inside your home.